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Qualities of a Good Agent

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If you are planning on selling your house, you are sure to want a very good real estate agent to handle this job for you. If you conduct an online search for a real estate agent, you will find a large number of results.  While this gives you a very wide choice that can also make it more challenging for you to zero-in on one that would be able to provide you good services and meet your specific requirements. Here is a list of qualities of a good agent: 

  1. Licensing 

A licensed agent is held to the responsibilities and standards that are set by the real estate commission in the state. The laws are different in every state and so it’s important that you hire a real estate agent that is licensed to operate in your state. You should ask for their agent number and then cross-check that number on the real estate commission website for your state.

  1. Easy to Access

The real estate market is extremely volatile and you can never take the chance to lose the opportunity of a sale. This is why it is important that you hire the services of an agent who also has a small team working for him or her. It means, even if he isn’t available exactly at the time you need them to handle a  customer query, someone from their team would be able  to fill in at that point of time. A good agent will also be communicative, will reply promptly to your call and answer your queries and will be willing to communicate via phone, email or text even out of business hours.

  1. Knowledgeable and Experienced

The agent you hire should have a good track record in your area. There are always ebbs and tides in the real estate market and a good agent knows the locality and all its ins and outs well. Regardless of how experienced the agent is, they should also have very solid local knowledge. It’s also important to ensure that the agent specialises in the kind of property you want to sell. For instance a commercial agent should be hired for selling a commercial property and you need a residential expert for selling a residential property.

  1. Reputation and Well- Connected

The stronger your agent’s business connections, the greater the chances of your property being sold quickly. A well connected agent will also be able to market your listing to the right potential buyers within as well as outside the state. Very simply, the quality and size of your agent’s network can significantly widen the number of potential buyers. Check testimonials and reviews from previous clients as well. This will give you a very good understanding about what kind of standing the real estate agent has in the market.

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