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Hardy Park, Buffalo Road, Ryde NSW 2112

Hardy Park, Buffalo Road, Ryde NSW 2112 No ratings yet.

Buffalo Road, Ryde NSW 2112 has seen its fair share of transformations over the years although it’s an exciting time for anyone with children in the local Ryde area within walking distance of Buffalo Road Ryde with Ryde Council’s newest edition ‘Hardy

Park’. This new playground is located on Buffalo Road, between Providence Road and Bright

Street, and will feature a variety of play experiences including swinging, sliding, climbing and tactile elements that will engage the imagination. The inclusion of a “fossil

dig” will be an exciting feature of the new playground. The grass area surrounding the playground will remain as a kick about area. Adding character to a well-known location, ‘Hardy Park’ will now complete the regular government transport of buses and easy access to the Top Ryde City Shopping Centre.

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