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Buying a property can be a big investment and selling one can be a decision you need to take with care too. Property transactions must be carried out carefully to ensure you don’t lost money in the exchange. Many buyers pay more than they need to and sellers settle for less than they should get because they don’t have enough information. We endeavour to provide our customers with all the information they need to make the right decision regarding their sale and purchase. We’re a well-established company with years of experience so we help our clients avoid the common mistakes.

Free Property Appraisal in Putney

Property appraisal is one of the first factors to consider when you intend to sell a building. You need to determine just what the property is worth, and whether the sale will provide will cover your investment and gain you profits. This information will not only give help you set the right price, but also provide some help with the negotiations. You can determine the value of a property by getting it appraised. We provide free and accurate appraisals for your property so that you can be certain the price is right. Here’s our team what we do:

  • Our area specialists will walk through the property and take note of the structural condition, fittings/finishes and overall appeal of the home.
  • They will then consider recent sales of the local properties and the market conditions.
  • They will look at the location and access to schools, entertainment options, amenities etc.

After they have all the information about property, they’ll work on creating a report for your free property appraisal in Putney. They will provide a price estimate that fits in with the market conditions.

Free Market Appraisal in Putney

A market appraisal is a more conservative estimate of your property’s potential worth. In an appraisal, a real estate agent will look at the condition of your property, location, market, and other such factors and provide the most optimistic number. The appraised estimate is something that you will get if the right buyer came along and agreed to pay the right price.

A market appraisal is different because it focuses on the conditions of the market in the past, present, and future. The expert will look at the numbers and consider the property trends carefully to determine the true value of the house. This estimate is usually lower than the appraisal and will protect your lender’s interest. It is also the price an ordinary buyer with ordinary means will be willing to pay. In short, it’s considered the most realistic price.

A free market appraisal in Putney will benefit both the seller and buyer. The seller will know their bottom line because very few are willing to accept less money than what the property is actually worth in realistic terms. Buyers are more likely to get loans of appraisals based on market value rather than general property appraisals. Such reports will also give the buyer a good idea about the current market conditions, which can help with the house hunt.

We focus on the customer more than on profit. Just listen to what our clients have to say about our services on our testimonials page. If you want to know more about our services, just give us a call on 02 8889 3894 or contact us through our web form.

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